True Romance Magazines (Part 1)

by Blood Sound

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Written, recorded, and mixed by Blood Sound.

Artwork by Bob Sweeney.


released January 13, 2017

Chris J. - Vocals / Drum Machine / Synth
Tristan McKeever - Bass / Synth
Vincent Tkac - Guitar / Synth



all rights reserved


Blood Sound Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dark Prom Pop

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Track Name: Synthetic Youth
we think it's crazy
what they see in you
what a shock to see
defeat in you

but it all works out
wherever you go
one more night to witness
a thing of youth
Track Name: Everything is Always in the Past
draw a mirror
put it on the wall
in this place where i'll be gone
in a minute or two

the way you fold the new clothes
with your withered hands
i keep giving it back
to the weak, unknown, unkissed, and lost

a past life of screaming
who's the one to draw the line?
is it mine?
and the fate of your life flashes by
in a minute or two

the way you unfold your hands
at the sight of a cross
i keep taking it back
from the weak, unknown, but what's the cost?
Track Name: Forever
i don't have the time to sit here
desperation always knocking at my door
but if you decide to leave here
take note, there's always something more to see
Track Name: Comfort
one night to stop the dream
lights were all around
one night to stop the dream
bodies laying on the ground
of my house

and the way it happened,
the way it happened,
i saw it all before
Track Name: Dopamine Heartbeat
in sleep, in confusion so it seems
i spent the last two nights at the house next door
this is the last time i think about anyone anymore
that came before we slept in beds

your jacket linings
held the scribblings of your notes
if suffering builds character,
then you must play the lead
Track Name: Mercies
a mercy in time
what they know
you know, an easy ending

envision a silver, sparkly song
lighting up the night
our only life
with five years of weekdays

in an obscure world full of cliches
the night that we prayed in your driveway
a question was asked, never turned away
it's always venom on replay
Track Name: Rose Colored Cross
a rose colored cross
in the field where you played
his eyes were blazing white
i've been asleep for days

now that summer in daytona made me feel I was already dead
like even a trip to the drug store is conceptual with you
Track Name: Book of Mirrors
in a moment of silence someone said
all the words that were written in your pretty head
and you want to find someplace new
keep telling the same old story until your face turns blue

when you run through all the details